• Business Orientation
    Aware of business issues and their effects on our customers, our company and the insurance industry in general.
  • Customer Focus
    Service delivery that is solution led and exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • Self-Management
    The motivation to achieve results; the initiative to take control; and the flexibility to adopt to change.
  • Planning and Organization
    The ability to plan and prioritize; to set goals, assign resources and meet deadlines; and have an eye for detail without losing sight of the big picture.
  • Decision Making
    The intellect to assimilate information quickly and apply considered judgment to complex situations; to be decisive under pressure; and persuasive under threat.
  • Innovative
    The ability to spot the opportunity and see the different angle.
  • Team Player
    The ability to contribute to the environment, and to share information and ideas.
  • Communication skills
    The ability to deliver and receive clear, concise, correct, complete and timely information.

AGI in Afghanistan

Present in the region for more than 6 years, AGI is the largest insurer in Afghanistan.

Executive Message

At the very outset let me thank you for your interest in AGI’s illustrated profile. We sincerely appreciate this opportunity to highlight to you the capabilities of our team and the services we can offer.

Compliance & Etichs

Our success and our reputation are not only dependent on the quality of our products and the service provided to our clients, but also on the way in which we do business.

AGI Strategy

Our business is to protect people over the long term. In this business, trust and solid relationships are paramount